How to Outsource Effectively


How to Outsource Effectively



Getting on the right side of this equation will change your life AND set your business free to scale.

I work with powerful female CEOs who are starting to hit six figures consistently:


✨They're ready to scale

🌱They’re ready to see their business grow beyond what they can imagine

Where do I even START with outsourcing?

The whole idea can feel so daunting after being a solopreneur. You might think it’s faster to just get it done yourself rather than explain it to someone else...


That’s where this workbook comes in - in it, I help you separate:

The parts of your business you are BEST at and that you most enjoy…

From the parts of your business that other people could do more effectively…

💸 Then, I help you quantify the money you’re losing by doing the stuff that would better be left to other people.

 Get ready, it might blow your mind.🤯

It actually pays to do what you love

(and leave the other stuff to people who love doing it).


If you invest in this process of discovery for a couple weeks, you’ll get the greatest return you can imagine: your life back.

This workbook takes you through the same process I took myself through and that I guide my clients through so we can have businesses that make us excited to wake up in the morning, rather than businesses that keep us up at night.

After you go through this workbook, you’ll have a prioritized list of tasks you can quickly and easily outsource to free up more time for working ON your business and more time for yourself OUTSIDE of our business! 

And if you need anything at all, you know where to find me.


Jordan Schanda King
Business Strategist + Contract COO