Your goals are BIG AF.

Making $1M in revenue
Growing your audience to 10k+
Publishing your first book

But the elephant in the room? You KNOW you need to 10X your audience, but you DON'T know how to do it. 


Let’s get real.

You think that lead magnets are lame, because you’ve spent approximately 19 million hours creating one and you didn’t get a single client from it.

But, you know you need to grow your audience this year.

You want to make money from digital products but you also know that passive income is a numbers game. And right now? Your audience size ain’t it.

You feel like you’re doing all the marketing things—speaking on podcasts, showing up on social media, maybe even thinking about going all-in on ads this year—but at this rate you'll never have enough people on your email list.

You want to build a kickass funnel for your business that grows your audience (and your email list!) on auto-pilot. But setting that up? Yeah, that part sucks.

And since you’re among friends here, it’s okay to admit that you want to grow your email list, but you’ve got freebie PTSD.

But this isn’t another “too-good-to-be-true” sales pitch.

What if we told you that it’s totally possible to...

  • create a freebie that your people *actually* want and is helpful (so you'll be excited to promote it)
  • make a no-brainer sale directly from your lead magnet—no extra effort required!
  • hack your ad strategy so you spend essentially $0 per lead and your ads pay for themselves

…oh and it can happen without you lifting a finger.

This isn’t just marketing BS.
We’ve done it (several times over) and we can do it for you, too.

I’m Jordan and I grew my email list by OVER 6,000 subscribers in 4 months.

Not an exaggeration. I spent $10k on ads to do it (including the testing phase) but made $6.5k in passive sales directly from how I set up my funnel. 

I also sold multiple seats to my mastermind and my membership to perfect fit leads-turned-clients that I secured from those EXACT same ads. 

TL;DR I outsmarted my funnel strategy so that my ads pay for themselves AND create profit in my business.

BTW this wasn’t a fluke or a one-time thing—I just hacked my freebie and my funnel.

You see, most people think that your lead magnet funnel just leads to a welcome series or ~mysteriously~ ends with nothing else coming after it, besides your email newsletter (*if* you even have one).

Wrong move, yo.

The trick to creating a deliciously profitable funnel no matter how you promote it is to create a “tripwire” offer alongside your free lead magnet. 

Your tripwire is your no-brainer, low-cost product that people LOVE to buy that also…

  1. offsets the cost of your ad spend and marketing efforts AND
  2. helps you sell other (more expensive!) products or offers later on

I did it and I can tell you that this wasn’t just dumb luck.

It was a lethal combo of funnel strategy + messaging.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

  • You didn’t have to freak out the next time one of your clients decided not to renew their contract—you could just send an email to your growing and engaged list and easily fill the spot
  • You could stop relying on random freebies to try and grow your email list with no luck
  • You could figure out exactly what kind of freebie makes sense for your people, instead of guessing what might work
  • Your lead magnet was an absolute no-brainer download that followed a simple, super clear, and obvious path that led to a paid product or offer
  • Your audience understood the value of your free thing vs. your paid thing, instead of it being confusing AF (which also = no sales)
  • After you delivered your freebie, your new subscriber knew exactly how to work with you or how to buy from you (hello warm leads)
  • You knew your funnel was set up correctly and shit hot without having to touch any of the tech stuff


A new done-for-you collaboration

You want your funnel to have the whole enchilada:

  • A clear strategy for your entire funnel that’s tailored to your exact business—no templates or copy-catting here
  • A profitable game plan for your tripwire product, including what you’re offering, who it’s for, and how much it should cost
  • All of your funnel copy that perfectly captures your brand voice, ideal client, and differentiators
  • A lead magnet that is a can’t miss + must-download for anyone who comes across it
  • A beautiful landing page that’s easy to navigate and totally click-worthy (without all the confusion)
  • An email welcome series that makes your new subscriber instantly obsessed with you and ask “OMG how can I work with her?!”
  • A checkout page for your tripwire product that makes “buy now” feel like the easy button

Our version of the Ts and Cs.


Here’s exactly what you'll get with your Easy AF Funnel:

  • A 60-minute funnel strategy session with Jordan to chat through your funnel goals, product suite, ideal client, pricing, and tech infrastructure
  • A 45-minute offer messaging session with Kendall to clarify your brand voice, ideal client, and differentiating factor
  • One custom branded lead magnet in PDF format (up to 6 pages)
  • Custom graphics (including product mockups!) for your lead magnet and tripwire product
  • Every single word of copy (written for you!) for your landing page, lead magnet, tripwire checkout, and thank you page
  • A customized email nurture sequence AND setup (5 - 8 emails depending on your ideal customer) to welcome your new subscribers and make more sales
  • Aaaallll the tech to make sure your funnel is fully functional AND optimized (including notifications, tags, and other nerdy things like automations)
  • A 20-point quality control check (okay, there's not an exact number, but we check it ALL) to make sure everything is tested and ready for you to start promoting TF out of your funnel

For a one-time investment of $7,500


This is for you if…

  • You’re going to be guesting on podcasts this year, and want to send those people somewhere that will actually entice them to join your email list
  • You want a simple sales system that becomes the foundation for every sale or client in your business
  • You don’t wanna drain your bank account while testing and tinkering with ads
  • You’re ready to actually start seeing sales hit your payment processor from digital products
  • You’re leaning into more ease, flow, and alignment in your business (but you still want to make $$$)
  • You want to sign more clients without having to cold DM anyone ever or schedule a million virtual coffee chats to do it
  • You want to spend less time on marketing your business, but make more money than you ever have before

Spots are very limited.

Apply now to join our list of projects and we'll be in touch about availability and timeline. 


Oh and have we met?
We’re basically about to become your new BFFs.

I’m Jordan. 

Fractional COO + funnel expert + coffee addict

I’m the founder and CEO of Easy Scaling and I work with coaches and service providers at every point in their journey: from just getting started to scaling to 7-figures. My team and I are here to build a badass funnel for you that actually gets subscribers and sales.

And I’m Kendall.

Fractional CMO + messaging expert + cat enthusiast 

I'm the founder and CEO of The Candid Collective. Some people call me a wordsmith, others...a magician. I'm here to sneak all of your little personality-isms into your brand voice and turn the heat waaaaaay TF up on your offer messaging and marketing.

P.S. Love this sales page? Good, because we wrote and designed it ;)

Here’s how an Easy AF Funnel works:

Step 1: You meet up with Jordan for a funnel strategy session and talk about all things freebies, tripwires, and your ideal customer journey. (Please note: the number of babies and coffee cups present in this call may vary.)

Step 2: You talk offer messaging with Kendall, who makes sure your content is primed for optimal conversion and sounds exactly like you wrote it yourself. (Please note: the number of cats present in this call may *also* vary.)

Step 3: Kendall and Jordan “accidentally” Voxer back and forth for three hours because they can’t stop geeking out about how much of a pinch-me client you are. (Spoiler alert: there will be a few brief intermissions because a kid or a cat was being too loud in the background.)

Step 4: Kendall will write your funnel copy and design a custom lead magnet for you that makes even your weariest customers wipe the drool from their mouths and say “damn girl, take my money."

Step 5: Team Easy Scaling will build. design, and test the entire backend of your funnel: your landing pages, email sequence, and your checkout process so you’re primed and optimized for growing your email list AND making $$$.

Step 6: Kendall and Jordan Voxer back and forth again (this happens a lot okay!!!!!) about how this is the best funnel they’ve ever created—that it’s fucking genius—and just how excited they are for you to turn it on and let it work its magic.

Step 7: They send you a link to view your entire funnel. You cry. They cry. They thank the Academy for so long that the music starts playing and they cut to commercial. And once you start promoting it, your subscribers and sales start pouring in.



You already set a BIG goal to grow your audience this year.

Why not make it Easy AF?