Go from
to Visionary CEO...

Step out of the hustling entrepreneur phase and into a CEO mindset by INVESTING in scaling.

With years of experience, my team and I can help you scale FASTER, more EASILY, and in a sustainable way that works for you.


Go from
to Visionary CEO...

Step out of the hustling entrepreneur phase and into a CEO mindset by INVESTING in scaling.

With years of experience, my team and I can help you scale FASTER, more EASILY, and in a sustainable way that works for you.


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One person can only do it all for so long... 

Hands down, the number one thing preventing most businesses from scaling is the implementation.

I know for a fact that what you DO is impactful. You deliver for your clients. They consistently get the results you're promising.

And I bet you also know most of the HOW to scale your business.

But, strategy, systems, and follow through are the behind the scenes (super unsexy) things that actually make or break your success.

And by success, I mean a business that you LOVE. One that grows almost effortlessly. One that doesn't require you to constantly beat down the doors of your potential clients every time you launch. One that creates more impact and more income every. single. year.


The truth about effective outsourcing

Since you know you can't do it all anymore, you've probably already started dabbling in outsourcing, but building a truly effective team takes WORK.

Maybe you've run into some of these issues:
>> Hiring generalists when you need specialists
>> Outsourcing the wrong things
>> Hiring before you identify your priority tasks and projects
>> Not fully utilizing your hires
>> Forgetting to plan how you’ll use your extra time
>> Avoiding hiring until you’re totally overwhelmed

And, you're probably sitting there thinking:

"Yeah, I know I need a team, but I'm already stretched thin. How am I going to build my dream team on top of everything I'm ALREADY doing?"

Perks of having a vetted team

This is where my team and I come in to save the day.

I've already built your dream team.
They are motivated and excited to help YOU scale!

And by bringing on the right experts, you can free yourself up to work on high-level strategy, networking, and visioning - and all the other things that are in your unique zone of genius.

Here's what we take off your plate:

>> Mapping out your immediate and long-term projects (and the steps to get them done)
>> Identifying gaps in your planning and operations (and coming up with solutions)
>> Coordinating communication and delegation (this is one of the BIGGEST time-sucks)
>> Overseeing implementation, approving work, and quality control

What I'm talking about here is FULL management of the operations side of your business that’s second to none.

And all this without you having to do the actual management or any of the hiring.

I've already done the vetting and the hiring and we'll take care of the delegating and making sure that your business is running smoothly. 



When you have a professional, vetted TEAM behind you, you get to do the things you LOVE to do, and we worry about all the tedious stuff happening behind the scenes.


>> Automation and systems
>> Brand aesthetic and graphic design
>> Content and resource development
>> Conversion copywriting
>> Course creation and hosting
>> Group coaching/program design
>> Marketing strategy
>> Organization and process development
>> Project management and efficiency
>> Sales page design and tech
>> SOP and workflow creation


"Having someone who can build the systems, make the plan, AND execute it, while I do what I’m good at, is priceless."

Our Signature Process

We don’t just “wing it” because we’ve learned that having a proven process allows us to quickly and efficiently get your business operating at full capacity and it saves everyone time and money in the long run.

But you don’t just want your business to be efficient — you want your business to be effective. That’s why our 5 step process is so powerful. It creates a solid foundation that allows us to support you in building a business you actually enjoy.


We start by discussing your big picture vision, reviewing your business and financial goals, identifying what’s not working, and envisioning your perfect business. This sets the foundation for your overall strategy.


Now that we know our strategy, we start creating your customized implementation plan. This is where we prioritize each project and program by month.


Here's where things really get fun (at least for us). We set up your project management hub, develop standard operating procedures, and organize your content and assets. Think of this like organizing your virtual office space!


With our big picture goals in mind, our prioritized implementation plan ready, and everything in its place, now we're ready to establish your workflows, systems, and automations so that things can run smoothly.


Just kidding.. We just implement.

Inspired by scrum, we operate in 2-week sprints to manage the implementation of your goals and the maintenance of your programs and business operations.

Hear from our clients


We’re not
“just another agency”

My team (and soon to be your team) has a diverse set of skills including systems and automation, course creation, social media strategy, copywriting, and graphic design. But that should be a given, right?

So, what's different about us?

1. On top of our expertise, we ALL have experience running our own businesses so we truly understand what you're going through, what you need, and how we can help!

2. You won't just be passed off to an account manager or juggled around. We treat your business like it's our business and we take our partnership with you very seriously. After all, we're YOUR team.

Working with us includes

Orientation Call

Not your typical first date – we get straight down to business – literally! You’ll meet the team who will be supporting you, learn the ins and outs of how we’ll be working together, and we’ll also learn more about how things are set up in your business so that we can hit the ground running!


This is where we dive into your specific needs, what’s working and not working, where you’re headed and ideas for how to get there. After our strategy workshop, we will put together your implementation road map to guide us as we work behind the scenes in your business!

Big Picture Visioning

Maybe you’ve done some of this already, or maybe even a lot. Together, we’ll dial in your big picture vision for your business and use it to ensure our strategy, goals, and implementation plan are aligned with where you want to go. this is the fun part - nothing is TOO big or too crazy!

Goal Setting

You’ve probably heard it before: What gets measured gets managed. Without clear goals and milestones, it’s impossible to know if you’re on track, so we follow up the big picture visioning with goal setting (short and long term). This allows us to do check-ins throughout the year to assess progress.

Project Management

One of the reasons why we’re able to run so lean is because we take project management pretty seriously. Everything that needs to be done in your biz is prioritized, itemized, and scheduled into the appropriate sprint - yep, you heard that right: we find running on 2-week sprints to be the best way to GSD.

Automation Setup

One of the best ways to simplify and streamline your biz is through automations. The less you do manually, the more time you have to spend on the things that have to be done manually and the things ONLY YOU can do. We’ll map out any necessary automations and get them set up for you so you can start getting that time back!

Asset Organization

Don’t be embarrassed. Even the most organized people can let GDrive, or Canva, or the downloads folder get totally out of control. That’s where we come in... We LOVE setting up file structures and systems that keep your assets organized so that everyone knows where everything lives.

Marketing Strategy

We can get the back end of your business fully optimized and organized, but without the right marketing strategy, being organized doesn’t mean squat. I mean, you’ve gotta make sales, right? A big piece of that is understanding and optimizing your big picture marketing plan and the flow of your sales funnel. We got you!


Hi, there! I'm Jordan

I work as a COO and Business Advisor alongside female founders scaling multiple-6-figure businesses on the path to 7 figures.

I've also built 3 businesses from scratch.

So I’ve seen the inner workings of the exact type of business you're striving to create.

2013: Started my first business (with my mom)!
2017: Co-founded my second business.
2020: Sold my first business.
2021: Launched my third business, Easy Scaling, landing my first client in week 1, my first 5-figure client in month 2, and hitting my first 50k month within 6 months.

SINCE BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR, I'VE: Published a book, trademarked a brand, led group programs in three industries, completed my Master's degree, filed copyrights on multiple products, negotiated a white-label deal for a course I created, and been featured on over a dozen podcasts and in Forbes.


How things flow...

Look familiar? This is how you roll now. Sticky notes galore.

Enter: Me + my giant whiteboard + my team

Voila! Now your business is running seamlessly!

How things flow...

Look familiar? This is how you roll now. Sticky notes galore.

Enter: Me + my giant whiteboard + my team

Voila! Now your business is running seamlessly!

By working together,
you'll receive:

>> Big picture visioning and goal setting
>> Project management and planning
>> Automation mapping and setup
>> Creation of standard operating procedures
>> Content organization and management
>> Marketing and sales funnel strategy
>> Project/program strategy and prioritization
>> Copywriting and graphic design
>> Tech and systems setup and integrations
>> Admin support and client management
>> Additional expertise and implementation of projects as needed…

Investment starts at $7000 per month for 40 monthly hours of implementation.


Let's work together!

Oh, hey! You read all the way to the bottom - love it!

Here's the TL;DR: It's time for you to show up fully as the CEO and visionary you are without having to worry about all the tedious stuff happening behind the scenes. My team and I will have your back as you scale your business to the next level!

Let's work together if:

>> You want a business that runs on automatic systems.

>> You're craving clarity and confidence in the strategy behind your decisions.

>> You're looking for a team that is 1000% dedicated to QUALITY work (Note: I’m a perfectionist — not a recovering perfectionist — a full blown perfectionist and I’ve learned to embrace it by building a team that gets that).

>> You’re ready to scale your 6 or 7-figure business without burning out.


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