The Accelerator

Scale Your Business with Ease

For entrepreneurs craving access to growth strategy, ops expertise, and a deeply supportive community.



Wouldn’t it be rad if you could set your business up with a solid foundation so it can scale at hyperspeed?

Okay, maybe not that fast, but I’m talking about…

  • Carving out regular CEO time on your calendar
  • Laser-focused clarity on what moves the needle in your biz
  • Delegation to your dream team becoming automatic 
  • Behind-the-scenes business operations as smooth as butter
  • Checking off your to-dos like a boss
  • Knowing exactly who to ask about a new idea you have
  • True work-life balance (not the IG highlight reel version)

This isn’t another “too good to be true” or a far-fetched sales claim.

This is...

Strategy of a consultant.

Expertise of a team.

Community of a mastermind.

The Accelerator is for…

1. Scaling CEOs looking to hit fast-forward on success

2. Entrepreneurs navigating the messy middle of growth

3. Business owners early in their journey but ambitious AF



Now is not the time for more generic info… It’s time to get some IRL support on the back end of your business.

And I’m sure you’re probably thinking…

”This all sounds amazing—like…a total game changer TBH— but I've joined memberships and online communities in the past, and I didn't see any real results.”

I know exactly what you mean, and understand why you might be a little skeptical. But, the Accelerator is different.

At Easy Scaling, we believe in unconditional support and unlimited access to strategy and ideas - all wrapped up inside a community of women like you who wanna get shit done.

And the best part? We want you to feel like you can ask us anything—even those hard questions nobody wants to answer (unless you pay a hefty consulting fee).

We’ve got your back, now let’s make it happen. 


The Accelerator is a community-focused membership for female coaches and online service providers who want white glove strategy and ops support as they grow damn-quickly.

Inside, you'll get access to:

Monthly LIVE trainings and workshops with Jordan, the Easy Scaling team, and a whole lotta guest experts

Coworking sessions, where you can have focused time and space on your calendar to get the important shit done

Regular Q&A and planning calls where you can ask Jordan and the Easy Scaling team all your Qs

Social mixers and brainstorming sessions with our community of entrepreneurs who are just like you

Weekly tech support and in-depth ops calls with the Easy Scaling team—like the Geek Squad for your online business

A tight knit community of women entrepreneurs that you can lean on for connections, referrals, and networking

Access to unlimited Slack support as a sounding board, for market research, and to share your wins


Hi there, my name’s Jordan 

I typically work as a COO alongside female founders scaling multiple-6-figure businesses on the path to 7 figures. 

I've also built 3 businesses from scratch.

So I’ve spent a lot of time behind-the-scenes of the exact type of business you're striving to create.

2013: Started my first business (with my mom)!

2017: Co-founded my second business. 

2020: Sold my first business. 

2021: Launched my third business, Easy Scaling, hitting multiple-6-figures in a year (while pregnant).


Published a book, founded multiple businesses, successfully sold a brand, launched a top 100 podcast, and been featured on dozens of podcasts and in Forbes.


If you're looking to build a wildly successful business and hit your revenue goals with ease, we have a spot for you inside The Accelerator.

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  • 4+ live calls per week
  • Slack support
  • Member directory
  • Cancel anytime



Value = $891

  • 4+ live calls per week
  • Slack support
  • Member directory
  • Cancel anytime

How our members actually describe The Accelerator...

"A great place to get high level support for your business"

"Community of like minded entrepreneurs collaborating to scale and streamline their businesses via accountability and sharing"

"A collaborative of business wing women. You can get help no matter where you're at in your business from fellow biz owners and be there for them too. Not to mention Jordan and her team will whip your biz butt into fine systems shape!"

"High achievers who want support and community to grow and feel heard and get their answers quick and efficiently"

"A program for CEO's to get support and systematize their operations to scale"