The Overlooked Strategy Helping Service Providers Break Free From 1:1 Work & Scale With Ease

Without increasing prices or working more hours



So, you think you need to launch a course?

Well, the truth is, that doesn't usually go according to plan.

It often goes something like this...

You pour hours of your time writing scripts, designing slides, recording videos, and creating a sleek, polished course that you're sure people are going to love. 

Sure, it's a ton of work, but that’s the trade-off, right? Courses are a lot of legwork upfront, but worth it after you’re riding that passive cash flow.

Except after releasing this course, only a few people actually buy it (and the people who had expressed interest in it the whole time are nowhere to be found).

Of those who do sign up, even fewer actually finish it. 

Which means that most of your students never experience the results they paid for when they signed up in the first place.

(Which also means no testimonials, which makes the course more difficult to market, which means your course is doomed to collect pixel dust somewhere in the depths of your digital library)

Word out there on the Internet is that building a course is the best way to scale with passive income.

But courses aren’t all they're cracked up to be.

They have a low completion rate.

Everyone buys them, no one finishes them.

And they don’t allow you to build any type of relationship with your clients.

But what if I said...

there’s actually a better way to Scale Your Business, Serve More Clients, and Make More Money

without having to increase your prices or work more hours?

A way that actually worked?

Now Intoducing...

How to Scale with A Group Program



In this value-packed class, I keep things clear and concise (think in and out in 40 minutes or less) so you can start implementing this strategy ASAP.

Grab a cup of something hot, come join me and discover:

  • Why group programs are one of the most powerful ways to scale your business without doing more work or raising your prices
  • The most important questions to ask yourself as you develop your group program so you can create an experience that gets your people quick, tangible results
  • How to launch your next group program like a total pro (and impress your clients in the process)
  • Both the most-common and the least-expected pitfalls to keep an eye out for when bringing your group program to life so your launch goes smoothly
  • Pieces of advice I’ve learned from experience over the past 10 years I’ve been in business!

PLUS: A thoughtfully-designed (and fillable) workbook that will help you put everything you learn during class into practice.


Group programs are the new courses, but better.

So if you sound like this...

“I’m so over working 1 to 1 with my clients—it’s draining.”

“I’m missing out on time with my kids, and I want my freaking life back!”

“Looks like the only way to make more money is to raise my prices, which I don’t want.”

“How can I sell my course if I know most people will never complete it or get results?”

“I want more money, more free time, and a glass of wine. Is that too much to ask?”

Then it’s time to sign up for this...


How to Scale with A Group Program

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